HQ Trivia Extra Life

HQ Trivia is the uncontrollably well known live amusement indicate where you can win genuine money prizes.

Consistently, tune into HQ to answer incidental data questions going from simple to hard to savage, and check whether you have what it takes to win money.

Ensure you turn on push notices so you’ll never miss the live shows, and your possibility at the cash. Welcome a few companions to join the fun-in the event that they utilize your code, you’ll get extra lives.

HQ has had extraordinary visitor big names like The Rock, Robert De Niro, Ice Cube, and Alicia Silverstone dropping in, giving without end a huge number of dollars in prizes, and been included in The New York Times, The Today Show, Time, ABC, CNBC, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Join the eventual fate of TV and get HQ now.

How do I get an extra life?

On the off chance that you get an inquiry wrong — or don’t reply in time — you’re naturally wiped out from the amusement; be that as it may, you can get extra lives by welcoming individuals to play. An extra life enables you to remain in the diversion notwithstanding when you answer an inquiry off-base.

At the point when HQ isn’t live, hit the welcome catch to share the application with an instant message, internet based life post, or email and welcome your family and companions to download the application. They likewise will require your referral code, which is only your HQ username. My HQ username is cetciz, in the event that you snooze for a while wink.

The first run through another player plays in the wake of utilizing your referral code, you will be remunerated an extra life.

How do I use an extra life?

When you’re killed from the test and you have an extra life, you will be inquired as to whether you need to utilize it or not. In the event that you utilize it you will get again into the diversion, in the event that you don’t, you’ll need to hold up until next time.

You can just utilize one extra life for every amusement, so pick when to utilize them carefully!

The app froze, what can I do?

Shockingly, not a ton. With such a significant number of players in the amusement on the double, and with how quick HQ Trivia has been developing, the application has its issues. The application has solidified on me ordinarily amidst an amusement and made me lose.

Regardless of whether you close the application and attempt to dispatch it once more, you will probably be kicked from the diversion. My best counsel is to dependably play associated with the speediest and most grounded Wi-Fi flag accessible to give you the most obvious opportunity at a smooth ordeal.

You can earn extra lives by typing your own code in the comments section below! Let everyone write the code, share with each other and earn extra life!


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