HQ Trivia Questions and Answers (September 15, 2018)

HQ Trivia is a live question and answer contest appear with genuine money prizes. You should simply answer 12 questions (once in a while 15) without missing one and you’ll either win the money prize or split it with alternate victors.

Diversions are twice day by day at 3PM EST and 9PM EST. This is the most smoking diversion in the App Store and we are immense fans. We play the two diversions each and share the appropriate responses with you here at HQ Trivia Answers.

We likewise have tips for better play. Despite the fact that you can’t Cheat at HQ Trivia, we’ll enable you to put your best foot forward to winning the enormous pot!

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HQ Trivia Questions and HQ Trivia Answers

HQ Trivia September 15  (9:00 pm $5,000 Prize)

(1) Chopsticks are traditionally used to eat what kind of food?

  • French fries
  • Bananas
  • Sushi (Correct)

(2) Which characteristic do both birds and planes share?

  • Lay eggs
  • Have wings (Correct)
  • Can peck you

(3) The term “glamping” is the combination of what two words?

  • Granola sampling
  • Gorgeous vamping
  • Glamorous camping (Correct)

(4) Long John Silver is the villain of what classic novel?

  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Moby-Dick
  • Treasure Island (Correct)

(5) British comedian Ricky Gervais won an “Outstanding Lead Actor“ Emmy thanks to what TV series?

  • Extras (Correct)
  • The Office
  • Derek

(6) Viewed from Earth, what other planets in our solar system can appear to move in “retrograde” motion?

  • All of them (Correct)
  • None of them
  • Mercury only

(7) In politics, which of these words is NOT part of the acronym Super PAC?

  • Political
  • Action
  • Community (Correct)

(8) Hunter S. Thompson said what kind of journalism requires believing “anything you’re told”?

  • Political
  • Entertainment
  • Sports (Correct)

(9) A deliberately “gross” version of the Easy Bake Oven was sold under what name?

  • Grossy Bake Oven
  • Queasy-Bake Cookerator (Correct)
  • Creepy Crock Pot

(10) Which day of the week does NOT get name-checked in Rebecca Black’s viral hit “Friday”?

  • Thursday
  • Sunday
  • Tuesday (Correct)

(11) Which of these films was directed by the same person as “Sleepless in Seattle”?

  • French Kiss
  • You’ve Got Mail (Correct)
  • When Harry Met Sally

(12) Which of these catchphrases was featured in a ’90s sitcom that had its own Super Nintendo video game?

  • Have mercy!
  • Did I do that?
  • I don’t think so Tim! (Correct)
** 105 people won around $47.62 each!

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