HQ Trivia Questions and Answers (September 4, 2018)

HQ Trivia is a live question and answer contest appear with genuine money prizes. You should simply answer 12 questions (once in a while 15) without missing one and you’ll either win the money prize or split it with alternate victors.

Diversions are twice day by day at 3PM EST and 9PM EST. This is the most smoking diversion in the App Store and we are immense fans. We play the two diversions each and share the appropriate responses with you here at HQ Trivia Answers.

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HQ Trivia Questions and HQ Trivia Answers

HQ Trivia September 4 (3:00 pm) ($2,500 Prize)

(1) The network of computers that spans the globe is commonly known as what?

  • Internet (Correct)
  • Outerbag
  • Innertube

(2) In tech, the acronym “AR” typically refers to what?

  • Athletic Romanians
  • Augmented reality (Correct)
  • Affectionate robocops

(3) What game was bundled with the Nintendo Game Boy for its US launch?

  • Super Meat Boy
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Tetris (Correct)

(4) The numbers and letters of Tesla car models were selected to resemble what word?

  • SEXY (Correct)
  • STEM
  • ELON

(5) Which company had a third co-founder who sold all his shares for less than $1000?

  • Apple (Correct)
  • Google
  • Facebook

(6) The first known webcam was set up to monitor what?

  • Coffee pot (Correct)
  • Bird feeder
  • Traffic intersection

(7) According to Akamai Technologies, which place currently enjoys the fastest internet service?

  • United States
  • Norway
  • South Korea (Correct)

(8) Which of these celebrities is known for fronting computer coding programs for girls?

  • Karlie Kloss (Correct)
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • Gigi Hadid

(9) $2100 was the asking price of the first commercially available what?

  • Electric car
  • Portable music player
  • Electronic digital watch (Correct)

(10) A ’90s release of what software product contained a flight simulator as an Easter egg?

  • Mac OS 8
  • Microsoft Excel (Correct)
  • Lotus Notes

(11) Google had to state that Google Maps should not be used for military actions after a tense border dispute where?

  • China
  • Jordan
  • Costa Rica (Correct)

(12) When Apple infamously code-named a ’90s computer model BHA, what did the “B” stand for?

  • Bamboozle
  • Bluff
  • Butt (Correct)
** 409 people won around $6.11 each!


HQ Trivia September 4 (9:00 pm) ($5,000 Prize)

(1) Which of these actors currently plays Iron Man?

  • Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • Robert Downey Jr. (Correct)
  • Harry Connick Jr.

(2) The little bumps on the tongue are called “taste” what?

  • Friends
  • Classmates
  • Buds (Correct)

(3) The undergarment nickname “bra” is short for what?

  • Braggadocio
  • Bravo
  • Brassiere (Correct)

(4) Which word would you use to describe a baby porcupine?

  • Porcupette (Correct)
  • Porculina
  • Porkpie

(5) Which of these US states currently issues standard license plates depicting fruit?

  • Florida (Correct)
  • California
  • Hawaii

(6) Wasabi served in the United States is usually made from what?

  • Horseradish (Correct)
  • Wasabi root
  • Neither

(7) Which of these music acts would most likely be included in the radio format “Quiet Storm”?

  • Boyz II Men (Correct)
  • Spice Girls
  • Fall Out Boy

(8) In the “Star Trek” universe, which of these is NOT a typical Vulcan characteristic?

  • Ridged forehead (Correct)
  • Green blood
  • Pointy ears

(9) Which of these Meg Ryan rom-coms started as a ’30s play, which became a ’40s film, then a ’60s musical?

  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • You’ve Got Mail (Correct)

(10) What is NOT one of the words spun into Charlotte’s web in the classic children’s book?

  • JUST (Correct)

(11) Which country is it possible to walk to from Russia without passing through another country?

  • Uzbekistan
  • USA (Correct)
  • Sweden

(12) Which of these US symbols is named in part for its coloration?

  • National tree
  • National bird (Correct)
  • National mammal
** 882 people won around $5.67 each!

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