HQ Trivia Questions and Answers (September 5, 2018)

HQ Trivia is a live question and answer contest appear with genuine money prizes. You should simply answer 12 questions (once in a while 15) without missing one and you’ll either win the money prize or split it with alternate victors.

Diversions are twice day by day at 3PM EST and 9PM EST. This is the most smoking diversion in the App Store and we are immense fans. We play the two diversions each and share the appropriate responses with you here at HQ Trivia Answers.

We likewise have tips for better play. Despite the fact that you can’t Cheat at HQ Trivia, we’ll enable you to put your best foot forward to winning the enormous pot!

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HQ Trivia Questions and HQ Trivia Answers

HQ Trivia September 5 (3:00 pm) ($2,500 Prize)

(1) What did Rumpelstiltskin spin into gold?

  • Straw (Correct)
  • Salt and vinegar chips
  • Unicorn pool floaties

(2) What is the large bone in the center of the chest called?

  • Sternum (Correct)
  • Jetsam
  • Flotsam

(3) A Long Island Iced Tea typically does NOT contain what?

  • Tea (Correct)
  • Cola
  • Alcohol

(4) By definition, a person who is mercurial is likely to have what?

  • Temper tantrums (Correct)
  • Interest in astrology
  • Knowledge of history

(5) The fastest way to reach the Caribbean Sea from El Salvador is to travel in what direction?

  • East (Correct)
  • West
  • South

(6) In Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland,” which accessory did Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum wear?

  • Dunce hats
  • Bow ties (Correct)
  • Glasses

(7) An unofficial court of law that does not follow actual laws is nicknamed for what type of animal?

  • Marsupial (Correct)
  • Reptile
  • Bird

(8) Winston Churchill once planned to use what historic item to entice the US to enter World War II?

  • Bust of Cleopatra
  • Magna Carta (Correct)
  • Queen’s jewels

(9) In the 1975 film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” which character’s lips mouthed the opening song?

  • Janet Weiss
  • Magenta (Correct)
  • Dr. Frank-N-Furter

(10) Which of these foods does the Taj Mahal specifically call out as forbidden?

  • Pizza
  • Hot dogs
  • Toffee (Correct)

(11) The first commercial pedometer took its name from what?

  • 10,000 steps (Correct)
  • Japanese Olympic city
  • Inventor of device

(12) In the opening credits of the first season of “Full House,” Bob Saget is seen doing what?

  • Grocery shopping
  • Catching a football (Correct)
  • Cleaning his car
** 296 people won around $8.45 each!


HQ Trivia September 5 (7:00 pm) ($1,000 Prize)

(1) Which of these is an Olympic gymnastics event?

  • Crazy rings
  • Uneven bars (Correct)
  • Sloppy pommel horse

(2) In baseball’s American League, the position abbreviated as DH stands for “designated” what?

  • Hitter (Correct)
  • Homer
  • Hatmaker

(3) Who was just announced as a face of Nike’s latest massive marketing campaign?

  • Michael Jordan
  • Colin Kaepernick (Correct)
  • Usain Bolt

(4) Which of these leagues’ championship has NOT been won by a single franchise three years in a row?

  • NHL
  • NFL (Correct)
  • MLB

(5) What all-time US soccer great just announced his retirement?

  • Christian Pulisic
  • Clint Dempsey (Correct)
  • Landon Donovan

(6) Which of these college football teams is NOT referred to with an animal nickname?

  • Texas A&M (Correct)
  • UCLA
  • LSU

(7) What is the only NFL team to have a quarterback and a running back run for 1000 yards in the same season?

  • Falcons (Correct)
  • 49ers
  • Panthers

(8) Which of these events features by far the tallest trophy?

  • Wimbledon
  • America’s Cup
  • Indy 500 (Correct)

(9) Which of these players has spent the fewest number of weeks at No. 1 overall in the WTA rankings?

  • Caroline Wozniacki
  • Venus Williams (Correct)
  • Maria Sharapova

(10) Which of these terms is used in horse racing to describe an inexperienced jockey?

  • Bunny hopper
  • Bug boy (Correct)
  • Froggy

(11) The first 2-point conversion in NFL history was scored by a player who primarily played what position?

  • Safety
  • Punter (Correct)
  • Quarterback

(12) Which MLB legend has the greatest number of years between winning his first and last batting titles?

  • George Brett (Correct)
  • Rod Carew
  • Tony Gwynn
** 237 people won around $4.22 each!

HQ Trivia September 5 (9:00 pm) ($5,000 Prize)

(1) What is the center of a storm often called?

  • Belly-button
  • Elbow
  • Eye (Correct)

(2) According to an old saying, at what rate do apples keep the doctor away?

  • One per day (Correct)
  • Five per week
  • Three every 12 hours

(3) What classic film gave us the line, “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid”?

  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Citizen Kane
  • Casablanca (Correct)

(4) The process of pasteurizing milk mainly involves what?

  • Antibiotics
  • Heat (Correct)
  • Centrifuges

(5) Which of these board games does NOT use dice in its original version?

  • Sorry! (Correct)
  • Risk
  • Mouse Trap

(6) Which sport is Native American in origin?

  • Bowling
  • Lacrosse (Correct)
  • Badminton

(7) Which of these television shows has a male lead that is a professional sportswriter?

  • Everybody Loves Raymond (Correct)
  • According to Jim
  • My Name Is Earl

(8) In which of these places can it be legal to practice polygamy?

  • Singapore (Correct)
  • Canada
  • Finland

(9) In addition to the Ten Commandments, what is the Ark of the Covenant said to contain?

  • Crown
  • Sandals
  • Food (Correct)

(10) Which of these is NOT a horse coat color?

  • Cremello
  • Skewbald
  • Mackerel (Correct)

(11) In the early 1600s, what kind of question mark was sometimes used to indicate a rhetorical question?

  • Upside down
  • Backwards (Correct)
  • Miniature

(12) The Beatles were once sued for their song’s similarity to one by which of these artists?

  • Roy Orbison
  • Little Richard
  • Chuck Berry (Correct)
** 1,020 people won around $4.9 each!

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