HQ Trivia Questions and Answers (September 6, 2018)

HQ Trivia is a live question and answer contest appear with genuine money prizes. You should simply answer 12 questions (once in a while 15) without missing one and you’ll either win the money prize or split it with alternate victors.

Diversions are twice day by day at 3PM EST and 9PM EST. This is the most smoking diversion in the App Store and we are immense fans. We play the two diversions each and share the appropriate responses with you here at HQ Trivia Answers.

We likewise have tips for better play. Despite the fact that you can’t Cheat at HQ Trivia, we’ll enable you to put your best foot forward to winning the enormous pot!

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HQ Trivia Questions and HQ Trivia Answers

HQ Trivia September 6 (3:00 pm) ($2,500 Prize)

(1) Which of these elements is considered a precious metal?

  • Neon
  • Gold (Correct)
  • Tin

(2) Which is NOT a space on a standard Scrabble board?

  • Triple letter score
  • Lose a turn (Correct)
  • Double word score

(3) From what animal do we get prosciutto?

  • Chicken
  • Sheep
  • Pig (Correct)

(4) What does the “D” stand for in TED Talks?

  • Direction
  • Development
  • Design (Correct)

(5) Which is the title of an actual “Scooby-Doo” TV series?

  • Boo Hoo, Scooby-Doo!
  • Me, You & Scooby-Doo
  • What’s New, Scooby-Doo? (Correct)

(6) What animal is typically on the flag that reads “Don’t Tread on Me”?

  • Scorpion
  • Ant
  • Snake (Correct)

(7) 1967’s infamous “Ice Bowl” was a championship game played where?

  • Green Bay (Correct)
  • Minneapolis
  • Chicago

(8) What comedian famously joked that her daughter cried when she was told she was not adopted?

  • Joan Rivers (Correct)
  • Joy Behar
  • Whoopi Goldberg

(9) Which of these British isles is NOT self-governing, but explicitly part of the UK?

  • Isle of Jersey
  • Isle of Man
  • Isle of Wight (Correct)

(10) On Disneyland’s disastrous 1955 opening day, what nearly happened to Sleeping Beauty Castle?

  • Slid into a swamp
  • Collapsed
  • Caught fire (Correct)

(11) Which of these crime fighters appeared in print before Superman?

  • Green Lantern
  • The Phantom (Correct)
  • The Spirit

(12) The title of William Golding’s most famous novel is considered a reference to what mythical figure?

  • Beelzebub (Correct)
  • Mephistopheles
  • Lucifer
** 2,020 people won around $1.24 each!


HQ Trivia September 6 (9:00 pm) ($5,000 Prize)

(1) What does the music genre “R&B” stand for?

  • Rice & Beans
  • Random & Beautiful
  • Rhythm & Blues (Correct)

(2) “Juicy,” “Hypnotize,” and “Big Poppa” are all songs by what artist?

  • The Wiggles
  • Notorious BIG (Correct)
  • Raffi

(3) Which of these is the name of a world-famous Korean pop band?

  • U2
  • BTS (Correct)
  • Right Said Fred

(4) Which of these artists has released multiple albums named for her age when she wrote them?

  • Adele (Correct)
  • Ariana Grande
  • Taylor Swift

(5) Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash is known for wearing which of these accessories while performing?

  • Flip flops
  • Scarf
  • Top hat (Correct)

(6) Which of these bands has a lead singer named Rivers?

  • Pixies
  • Weezer (Correct)
  • Green Day

(7) What was the name of Paula Abdul’s cartoon dance partner in the video for a hit ’80s song?

  • Nyan Cat
  • MC Skat Kat (Correct)
  • Stimpson J. Cat

(8) A star of what film franchise gets namechecked in OutKast’s “Hey Ya”?

  • Spider-Man
  • Legally Blonde
  • Charlie’s Angels (Correct)

(9) What caused the demise of Earl in the Dixie Chicks hit “Goodbye Earl”?

  • Black-eyed peas (Correct)
  • Tennessee whiskey
  • Strawberry jam

(10) Which artist wrote a song that reached No. 1 on a US Billboard chart in three consecutive decades?

  • Dolly Parton (Correct)
  • Madonna
  • Whitney Houston

(11) In the iconic opening shot of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” music video, which band member is on top?

  • Roger Taylor
  • Brian May (Correct)
  • Freddie Mercury

(12) Which of these hit songs has the longest sax solo?

  • The Edge of Glory (Correct)
  • Careless Whisper
  • Born to Run
** 1,770 people won around $2.82 each!

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