HQ Trivia Questions and Answers (September 8, 2018)

HQ Trivia is a live question and answer contest appear with genuine money prizes. You should simply answer 12 questions (once in a while 15) without missing one and you’ll either win the money prize or split it with alternate victors.

Diversions are twice day by day at 3PM EST and 9PM EST. This is the most smoking diversion in the App Store and we are immense fans. We play the two diversions each and share the appropriate responses with you here at HQ Trivia Answers.

We likewise have tips for better play. Despite the fact that you can’t Cheat at HQ Trivia, we’ll enable you to put your best foot forward to winning the enormous pot!

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HQ Trivia Questions and HQ Trivia Answers

HQ Trivia September 8 (9:00 pm) ($5,000 Prize)

(1) What is the name for a decorative pillowcase?

  • Sham (Correct)
  • Jon Hamm
  • Baby pram

(2) Fortune tellers often read what to tell the future?

  • Tea leaves (Correct)
  • Shaq’s Twitter feed
  • Tabloid magazines

(3) Which of these comic book characters usually wears green?

  • Supergirl
  • Poison Ivy (Correct)
  • Storm

(4) Dr. Seuss’s Lorax character claims to specifically speak for what part of nature?

  • Bees
  • Trees (Correct)
  • Seas

(5) Reflexology is a type of massage that primarily focuses on what?

  • Arms / shoulders
  • Knees / toes
  • Feet / hands (Correct)

(6) In politics, absolutism can be whittled down to what saying?

  • There is no state
  • I am the state (Correct)
  • The state is the people

(7) The TV show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” features a cat who shares his name with a city in which state?

  • Massachusetts (Correct)
  • Washington
  • Delaware

(8) What is the national flower of Monaco?

  • Carnation (Correct)
  • Bluebonnet
  • Zinnia

(9) Which of these is NOT one of the alternate lines used in the closing theme of “Frasier”?

  • Quite stylish
  • Goodbye, friends (Correct)
  • See you next year

(10) Among the five pillars of Islam, which is considered the final?

  • Five prayers a day
  • Pilgrimage to Mecca (Correct)
  • Fasting during Ramadan

(11) According to FiveThirtyEight, which of these is NOT one of the most banned wedding songs?

  • Call Me Maybe
  • Livin’ on a Prayer (Correct)
  • Macarena

(12) The first actress to be paid $20 million a movie did so for a film about what?

  • Class-action lawsuit (Correct)
  • Teen dystopia
  • Working as a stripper
** 3,029 people won around $1.65 each!

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