Quiz for Fortnite Answers

Quiz for Fortnite Answers. Are you a huge fan of Fortnite? Then you’re at the right place! “Quiz for Fortnite VBucks Pro” is a quiz app with weekly updated questions about the game Fortnite. You can either choose a random drop location or just take the picture quiz or the normal facts quiz!

You can win V-Bucks by submitting your own questions into the game and maybe get yourself a new dance emote or skin!

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Quiz for Fortnite VBucks Pro Answers

How many weapons are there? (including different colors) : 60 – 52 – 43
Answer : 52

For how long does a campfire last? 20 sec – 25 sec – 15 sec
Answer : 25 sec

What’s the reload time for a legendary rocket launcher? 3 sec – 2.5 sec – 2.1 sec
Answer : 2.1 sec

Can you reach maximum health by eating apples? No – Yes
Answer : Yes

What’s the headshot damage by a legendary Semi-Auto Sniper? 170 – 165 – 185
Answer : 165

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